Michael Emerson As Benjamin Linus

He still deserves some recognition for his work on Lost from somewhere outside the genre fold at some point, but Michael Emerson — whose performance as Benjamin Linus is, I think, one of the great network television performances in a very long time — took the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor on Television on Tuesday.

In the meantime, however, you should be sure to vote for him in this year’s SyFy Portal Genre Awards.

One thing that always has bothered me about television awards is that they seem to focus on a particular episode rather than on the premise that television performance is an on-going affair. It’s within that more proper context that actors like Emerson (and, arguably, Michael Hogan on BSG as well) are deserving of more attention than they receive.

For what it’s worth, my other performance picks over on the SyFy Portal vote are Olmos, McDonnell, Sackhoff (although I very nearly went with Helfer), and Forbes. It wasn’t intentional, focusing so much on Galactica. But when I looked at each set of nominees, they turned out to be my first instinct.

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1 Response to “Michael Emerson As Benjamin Linus”

  1. 1 http://kalilily.blogspot.com/

    Over the years, Emerson has played any number of crazed lunatics. (I guess it’s his eyes.) “Lost” has given him a chance to add all kinds of nuances to the complex character that he plays, and he has excelled. I agree that he certainly deserved the award.

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