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Fringe Time

Just about time in Ballroom 20 for the Fringe pilot.

Update: The leaked version is better, although they both share the unfortunate use of those giant floating title overs. The additional interrogation scene is needless, sloppy, hastily added and serves no purpose other than to give Joshua Jackson something else to do and give him a harder edge. It doesn’t work.

Still a decently strong pilot carried mostly by its characters — Dr. Bishop especially, who went over very well int he showing I saw.

Big Brother 10 Begins

First fifteen minute impressions? Thank heavens there’s no stunt this year. Thirteen actual strangers, period. Love making them choose the first Head of Household based solely on appearance and gut instinct before even walking through the front door.

Initial highlights? The teacher at a Catholic school exposing the ludicrousness of his faith by explaining to us that it doesn’t matter what he does in the house because he just has to go to confession when he gets out and “fix” it. And, of course, Jerry, in his seventies, participating in the checking of April’s breasts to confirm that they are real.

Yes, the long summer of Big Brother has started in earnest already.

My Likely Comic-Con Schedule

For whatever it’s worth (but mainly to make myself go through it at least once all the way through), after the jump is my intended, at this stage, plans for Comic-Con, day by day. It still include a couple of conflicts arisen from indecision.
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Full Comic-Con Schedules Up

Finally, all four days’ worth of schedules are online and ready to be voraciously pored over by all of us wondering what we’ll have to drop from our personal lists due to the inevitable conflicts. See the links in the sidebar.

Comic-Con Releases Sunday Schedule

They’re starting at both ends and working towards the exciting middle. Comic-Con has posted Sunday’s schedule to accompany Thursday’s. Now we wait for Friday’s and Saturday’s. My picks for Sunday after the jump.
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Comic-Con Schedules Re-Appearing

It looks like the Thursday schedule just went up for real. In addition, the page indicates that Wednesday’s Preview Night is when the Fringe pilot screenings will be held, one from 6:00 to 7:30 and one from 7:30 to 9:00, both in Ballroom 20. The room will be cleared between screenings.

An earlier report indicated that there would be both on-site and off-site screenings of the pilot. I’ve seen no definitive word yet on the latter.

The schedule is almost exactly the same as the one which I linked to earlier this week when it appeared, for a short time, on the Comic-Con website accidentally. (”Needless to say,” the con’s David Glanzer told me about their review process, “we’re probably going to go to a hard copy format from now on.”) Really, there are only a couple of minor changes.

But that, of course, doesn’t mean that the accidentally leaked version of Friday’s schedule from earlier this week won’t end up completely different. Presumably, we’ll all find out soon enough either way.

More Fox Licensing Mysteries

Following up on my previous post on the matter, it now would appear that the Paley Center in New York City will be screening “Once More with Feeling” in July and August.

It is beginning to appear, at this point, that major institutions — or, really, major non-profit institutions — are being permitted to screen this episode, as this makes Comic-Con and Paley that have been granted a license to do so.

Smaller events, such as the Slay-a-Thon, appear unable to obtain a similar license but (in that case, at least) somehow are being permitted to screen Angel, another Fox-licensed show.

Seriously: Can someone in the loop and in the know on just what the Hell the current Fox licensing regime is doing please come explain it to the rest of us?


It’s all well and good that Jesus and Gandalf were cast in the AMC “reinterpretation” of the classic British television series The Prisoner. But this is far more important, as reported by Sci Fi Wire: “Rover was a big part of the TV series, it will be part of it, we can’t talk about it extensively now, it will get me in trouble.”

Something I Haven’t Read

The Futon Critic apparently scored a look at the script for the Virtuality pilot. I haven’t read their review, just in case I can manage to stumble across the script myself somewhere, but feel free to check out what they have to say about it. Just don’t tell me.

Do Not Take Internally

It goes without saying that any Comic-Con schedule one sees is subject to change. But you’ll forgive me if I take David Glanzer’s comment over at Spout with a grain of salt. One does not put “internal use” schedules on one’s public website.

There might still be changes to what we saw last night and this morning, but I’d be willing to bet a drink at a nearby convention hotel that when the schedules are posted for real, there will be very little difference.