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This’ll Be A Clusterfrak

While we all sit around waiting for the Saturday schedule to be posted, keep this in mind, from The Live Feed:

Director Kevin Smith has agreed to moderate Sci Fi Channel’s “Battlestar Galactica” panel at Comic Con. This could push the typically packed venue into fire marshal-shutdown level of geek engagement.

Comic-Con should give away a Golden Ticket that gets the winner in and out of any and all rooms whenever you want, so I could find the winner and steal it.

Top Ten Revelations

Having just watched “Revelations” for the third time (is it possible it actually gets better with each viewing?), I thought I’d expand a bit on what little I said after it aired, by posting my top ten favorite moments from the episode. It should go without saying that if you still haven’t seen it, you should not be reading any further. The list is provided in chronological, not ranked, order.
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Michael Emerson As Benjamin Linus

He still deserves some recognition for his work on Lost from somewhere outside the genre fold at some point, but Michael Emerson — whose performance as Benjamin Linus is, I think, one of the great network television performances in a very long time — took the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor on Television on Tuesday.

In the meantime, however, you should be sure to vote for him in this year’s SyFy Portal Genre Awards.

One thing that always has bothered me about television awards is that they seem to focus on a particular episode rather than on the premise that television performance is an on-going affair. It’s within that more proper context that actors like Emerson (and, arguably, Michael Hogan on BSG as well) are deserving of more attention than they receive.

For what it’s worth, my other performance picks over on the SyFy Portal vote are Olmos, McDonnell, Sackhoff (although I very nearly went with Helfer), and Forbes. It wasn’t intentional, focusing so much on Galactica. But when I looked at each set of nominees, they turned out to be my first instinct.

Pleading The Fifth

Last week I noticed on Sitrep a reference to a comment elsewhere which, on the subject of some open questions raised by the mid-season finale of BSG, suggested that we “check Ron’s podcast when it comes out”.

Well, the podcast for “Revelations” (.mp3) is out now, and it doesn’t do anything to answer those open questions. Which isn’t to say I’m disappointed. In fact, I’d rather these questions aren’t answered in a podcast.

That’s what the second half of the season is for. And the podcast is worth the listen without any answers to those lingering questions.

Meanwhile, it seems that Maureen Ryan has confirmed something Moore once said about the infamous Last Supper picture. This confirmation completely scuttles my pick for the identify of the last of the Final Five.

Damn You All To Hell

Of all the ways in which Battlestar Galactica would have provided a “mid-season finale” (as they’re calling it), this was not one which I had suspected in advance. It’s one Hell of a place to end up with ten or more hours of story still left to tell before the series comes to an end on its own terms.

Certainly, it was easy to expect them to go out on some sort of cliff-hanger. And clearly the ads seemed to indicate that the episode would include a good healthy dose of everything going to shit. What’s interesting to me is the way they doubled-back on those expectations and spun them back around on us. Everything indeed came very close to going to shit, only to be walked back from the brink.

So far back from the brink that suddenly we have humans, Cylons, and the Final Five (or, still, four) under a truce and heading to Earth together in celebration.

And, as we all experienced, it’s all taken away again as the writers double-back and drag us all into the irradiated ruins and leave us there until 2009.

All of which is the bulk of what I’m going to say here, for now, about the “mid-season” finale of Battlestar Galactica. What I’m going to do instead is repost here what I once posted elsewhere, at the end of season three, about what I believe to be the ultimate endgame of the series, with the addition of some more recent thoughts about the Final Five.
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