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Battlestar Galactica: The Face Of The Enemy Leaked

Ain’t It Cool News reports that Amazon Unbox has accidentally posted all remaining The Face of the Enemy webisodes except for the ninth. So, if you’re willing to not get that one webisode, you can watch all the way to the end. I couldn’t help myself, so I’ve done so.

All I’ll say is that The Face of the Enemy is most definitely not an entity unto itself. It feeds directly into Felix Gaeta’s role in the second half of the final season, which premieres on January 16.

Update: I lied, I have something else to say. If you haven’t watched all the way through, you probably should not read all the way through here either.

The Face of the Enemy establishes a few things about Gaeta, or about how people view him. A human declares that Gaeta has a moral center. But a Cylon tells him that there’s a fine line between hope and ignorance.

Gaeta decides that there should not be an alliance between humans and Cylons. The fact that the fleets needs Cylon technology to keep going, as indicated by Colonel Tigh, does not appear to sway him. In the end, Gaeta appears to be hatching some sort of plan to undo that alliance.

All of this, said Espenson in an early interview about the webisodes, occurs within the events of the season 4.5 premiere.

So, heading into the return of Battlestar Galactica, it seems we know a few things: It was Earth. They leave it. The fleet needs Cylon technology to keep going. Gaeta appears to be moving to undo the alliance.

More importantly perhaps, from a character standpoint, Felix Gaeta, designated a moral center, just might have finally tired of where his hope (or ignorance?) has gotten him. What happens when a moral center of the Galactica universe metaphorically abandons his post?

As I said in my Tubefilter review: Just who is Felix Gaeta anyway?

Update: Early on, I argued that the first few webisodes were setting the viewer up to wonder if Gaeta might perhaps have been a collaborator after all, during the Cylon occupation of New Caprica.

I never actually believed that’s where it was headed, despite believing the story was structured to make us think it. I the end, what actually happened was deftly constructed to make Gaeta’s crisis far more immediate, instead of simply something that happened in the emotionally-distant past.

Learning only now that what he thought, for all this time, had been a list of names to be saved had in fact been used as a list of which humans to kill is what turns these webisodes from just an after-the-fact “oh, by the way” anecdote about Gaeta’s past into present-day dramatic tension.

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