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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: OutFOXed

Contrary to the revolutionary rhetoric surrounding the forthcoming underground screening of a certain musical episode (”Should intellectual property belong to the artist, or to the distributor?”), the public performance rights to said episode were not rescinded because “the wily corporate mega-giant that owns the rights” doesn’t want “to see this show up in lights all over the country”.

Instead, as near as anyone’s ever been able to determine with any degree of certainty, one of Hollywood’s unions filed a grievance (or, according to at least one report, an actual “bill”) over the licensing of said episode for public performances, because its members were not receiving any residual payments for such re-use.

So it’s all well and good to strut around like you’re sticking it to The Man, being all punk rock, and fighting the good fight in order to raise some money. But in reality, all you’re doing is making it less likely that official licensing will ever be restored on anything other than an ad hoc basis. Arguably, you threaten even that.

The licensing was pulled because artists weren’t getting paid, not because “the wily corporate mega-giant that owns the rights” wanted to be a bitch. So just where does your bad revolutionary self stand on that?

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