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Laura Roslin, Emmy Finalist

Last week, it was the finalists for series, a pool of ten that will be reduced to five nominees. Now comes word from The Envelope (via, in our case, Galactica Sitrep that amongst the ten finalists for Best Actress in a Drama Series is Mary McDonnell.

Once finalists have been narrowed down to the smaller lsits of actual nominees, they will be announced on July 17.

Update: I only just noticed that The Envelope has several finalist lists already, and thankfully amongst the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series finalists is Michael Emerson from Lost.

Emmy Series Finalists Announced

At some point today, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences announced the finalists for drama and comedy series. (And here’s a bit from the AP.) Each finalist list consists of ten shows, which then will be whittled down to five each. Those nominees will be announced on July 17. For my part, I would just like to see Lost and The Wire (although I still haven’t finished season five) each pass through from finalist to nominee.