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More Fox Licensing Mysteries

Following up on my previous post on the matter, it now would appear that the Paley Center in New York City will be screening “Once More with Feeling” in July and August.

It is beginning to appear, at this point, that major institutions — or, really, major non-profit institutions — are being permitted to screen this episode, as this makes Comic-Con and Paley that have been granted a license to do so.

Smaller events, such as the Slay-a-Thon, appear unable to obtain a similar license but (in that case, at least) somehow are being permitted to screen Angel, another Fox-licensed show.

Seriously: Can someone in the loop and in the know on just what the Hell the current Fox licensing regime is doing please come explain it to the rest of us?

Houseguests In One Sentence

Just because I can, I’m going to pull a single sentence from each houseguests’s bio. It will be the sentence that most grabs me from each one.

Angie: “She is proud that she was the Guinness-chugging champion for women at Irish Kevin’s bar in Key West.”

April: “She admits to being OCD and can’t sleep at night if the bottles in the refrigerator aren’t lined up properly.”

Brian: “The political office that would interest him is that of Vice President.”

Dan: “He doesn’t think that America would have been ready for a female president and if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, he would have moved out of the country.”

Jerry: “Jerry is a diehard Big Brother fan and hasn’t missed one episode in all nine seasons.”

Jessie: “His favorite foods are pancakes, oatmeal, fish and bananas and he also eats Hamburger Helper.”

Keesha: “Keesha considers Hooters an important part of her life.”

Libra: “She has been married for seven years and has three children: a 4-year old girl and recently gave birth to a medical rarity… 4-month old twins, one black and one white.”

Memphis: “He currently works as a ‘Mixologist,’ which he insists should not be confused with a bartender.”

Michelle: “Michelle has always spoken her mind and was the only person to jump up at her brother’s wedding when the priest asked if there were any objections.”

Ollie: “The things he would like to accomplish are financially oriented, i.e. earning enough money to be set for life by making a smart investment, creating the next best invention and/or winning the lottery.”

Renny: “She claims to have outfits, as well as wigs, for any and all social occasions.”

Steven: “He is a champion bull rider in the gay rodeo circuit.”

Dr. Horrible To Play Friday Night At Comic-Con

While they haven’t yet put up any links on the programming page, pages for two of the days already exist on their website: Thursday and Friday. The latter of which, of course, includes this:

1:30-2:30 Joss Whedon— Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and the writers and cast of his new short film, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, will show never-before-seen clips while Joss also discusses Buffy Season Eight, the Fray crossover, and the upcoming Serenity comic focusing on Shepherd Book. Ballroom 20

But it also includes this:

10:45-12:00 Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog— The story of a low-rent supervillain (Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Horrible), the hero who keeps beating him up (Nathan Fillion as Captain Hammer), and the cute girl from the laundromat he’s too shy to talk to (Felicia Day as Penny). This musical in three parts, created for the Internet and written by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon, and Maurissa Tancharoen, premieres in its entirety on the big screen at Comic-Con. Room 6B

So not only a panel in the afternoon, but the entirety of the musical will show later that night.

Strike.TV Launches

While the teaser video has been available for days, no one was bothering to talk about it late yesterday and then today, presumably as a result of their press release going out. But, any rate, Strike.TV is up, at least in terms of the website being launched. Long in the works since the days of the writers strike, the project’s teaser certainly tells you who will be involved, but gives no sense at all of whether the shows will be any good.

Long-Lost Metropolis Footage Found

While this isn’t about television, it’s so monumental that it gets a free pass here. According to an article in the German magazine Zeit, negatives containing the long-lost footage from the original cut of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis have been discovered in Argentina. Plans for restoration and re-release (in some form) now are underway.

In any culture worthy of that term, this would be major headline news. It’s a phenomenal moment in film history that should be trumpeted by anyone who actually cares about our cultural heritage. I have no idea if outlets such as CNN (not to single them out) care. At least ones such as Sci Fi Wire and Ain’t It Cool News do.

Update: For the sake of posterity, there’s the search of Google News showing the news spreading.

Update: AICN has, from a .pdf file of Zeit’s print edition, photographs of some of the rediscovered footage.

What Is Happening

Can Fox Shows Be Licensed Or Not?

Last year, in October, there came a sudden licensing crackdown on theatrical showings of episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (See here, here, and here for details.) We were, at the time, ultimately told (see the comments) that in fact Fox had suspended such licensing for all of its television properties.

There were many theories at the time (including speculation that perhaps getting a cut from such usage was on the table in the then-looming writers strike, although that does not appear to have been the case), and in the just-linked discussion there’s some suggestion out of the company that handled issuing the licenses that some “third party” in fact had demanded their “fair share” of such licensing.

None of that ever has been confirmed, so far as I know. And no one that I know of has been able to get a firm picture of the specifics and the details from anyone high up enough to know them.

I bring all of this up because now comes news that a charity event has been prohibited from showing any Buffy episodes but is being permitted to screen episodes of its brother series Angel. And that comes on the heels of the recent announcement that Comic-Con has been permitted to license the musical episode of Buffy to screen as the convention’s final Sunday event.

All of which, of course, only further complicates the already complicated issue, and makes it even more unclear than it already is just what the Hell is going on.

On the off-chance that someone actually in the know happens across this post: Please email me and help us all understand the reality of the issues involved and what properties are and are not affected by those issues.

Update: I had completely forgotten all about this MTV article which detailed the various positions, and pegged a large bill the Screen Actors Guild had “sent 20th Century Fox Television a six-figure bill for unpaid actor residuals”.


The BBC has released the preview of this coming weekend’s finale. It contains absolutely no hints as to the solution to the great controversy raging since the first part of the finale. But now it’s time to get into my preferred theory on that count, after the jump.
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Top Ten Revelations

Having just watched “Revelations” for the third time (is it possible it actually gets better with each viewing?), I thought I’d expand a bit on what little I said after it aired, by posting my top ten favorite moments from the episode. It should go without saying that if you still haven’t seen it, you should not be reading any further. The list is provided in chronological, not ranked, order.
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Popping The Cherry (Pie)

More often than not, the first post to any new site I launch receives this title — except for the “pie” bit which was specially added to this one. As it says below, PIE SPOILERS!!! is a website wherein I will muse and pontificate upon television. Or, that’s the theory. Whether or not the motivation exists to put this site into practice is another question altogether.