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Virtuality: More Mainstream?

Buried at the end of a short Hollywood Reporter item about Fox (via Galactica Sitrep) comes the news that “the two-hour backdoor sci-fi pilot ‘Virtuality,’ might stay in consideration for May and be reworked as a more mainstream drama”.

Virtuality tells the story of a long-range, deep-space mission whose crew make much use of virtual reality in order to help occupy the time. To complicate matters, life on the ship is transmitted back to Earth as a reality television program.

While we all wait to hear exactly what the Hell “more mainsteam” is supposed to mean, I have nothing to say that SF Universe hasn’t already said : “[I]t’s got spaceships and VR chambers so I have no idea how it can get ‘mainstream’ and keep the concept intact.”

Update: Unless by “more mainstream” they mean “something that isn’t critical of reality television, since we broadcast a lot of that”.

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